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Shamanism as the oldest mankind’s belief system has been existing on earth since the presence of humans. You can still see this ancient inheritance around the world today.

Shaman Shisan (Altanchimeg), as a new generation of Mongolian shamanism in today’s world, has been chosen and practicing as a shaman inheritor of her family clan over 7 years. She used to live and work at NYC over 8 years, where she started walking on her spiritual journey and met her first shaman teacher.

Shisan had followed Shaman Bambadorji (Mongolian country’s national shaman with world-wide reputation ), Wulan (Mongolian Shaman followed by over 1000 students), Dr. Norman Suhu (NYC based holistic energy healer offering mother-earth healing), as well as Narenchimeg(long island based Mongolian shaman and Mongolian shamanism workshop host ).

Mongolian Shamanism

Mongolian shamanism believes and practices Tengerism which refers to animism. Animism encompasses the beliefs that all material phenomena have agency, that there exists no categorical distinction between the spiritual and physical world, and that soul, spirit or sentience exists not only in humans, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains and rivers, and other entities of natural environment.

Animism focuses on the metaphysical universe, with a specific focus on the concept of the immortal soul. The soul itself is free, immortal and infinite. When we fully surrender, trust to ourself and life it is, as well as get awakened with our inner wisdom by silencing our ego, true power will rise.

The traditional way of Mongolian shamanism includes religious beliefs and practices of shaman who enter trances to communicate with deities and spiritual beings who then possess the shaman’s body. Shamans wear costumes and masks and emply ritual artifacts specific for treatments and healing.

But Shisan wants to bring new definations and broad understanding about Mongolian shamanism to more people around the world with a modern, diverse and authentic perspective after years of exploring, practicing and progressing.

From what she has received from universe as a messenger, she believes we are spiritual and infinite beings experiencing at this 3 dimensional world. What we believe in our mind creates what we see and experience outside. Getting rooted and balanced in daily, mundane life is the key to create and live the life to the fullest.

About Me

Shisan is currently based at Inner Mongolia , she offers online body, mind, spirit consultation , clarity and healing treatments from distance. What’s more, she is able to connect and download information for clients who is ready to walk on their life path to fulfill their mission.

Also, Shisan does natural rituals and ceremonies around the world to help land, river and mountains to get balanced and bring back vitality and energy to certain areas.

Meanwhile, she is also the founder of Hiimori customized spiritual jewelry studio, customize unique and one-of-kind spiritual jewelry for different clients based on information she got from universe. The customized spiritual jewelry will help clients to connect with their true self and inner power, as well as the cosmo planet where they come from. It will maximize clients’ potential and creativity at this material world. Letting him/herself be who they truly are. Being who we truly are, is the best gift we give to this world.


She hosts shaman workshop as well deep in the grassland, offering the opportunities and places to people around the world to get connected with nature, land and universe.

So today, laugh, sing, dance, play, dream, forgive love each second of each moment you are living, Please live, create and enjoy your life to the fullest with easiness, joy and abundance. When we can live like this, we will bring more vitality, hope, love and light to this world. In this way, ,more and more people will see unlimited possibilities on us. Then they know they have choices to be who they truly are bravely.

When more and more people get awakened from the old, limited collective consciousness filled with fear and inadequacy and start building a new reality with joy love and abundance, we will make earth a better planet to live for us and future generation.

Just letting go and experiencing the beauty of river of life. We are what we are, everything is what it is. We are one.